Welcome to Walking Wok

Lily Indra brings you the very best dishes to be found in the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia.

Steeped in tradition and infused with flavour there is a dish to suit every occasion – corporate or private, formal or informal.  Whatever the event – from corporate breakfasts, lunches, drinks and dinners to private birthday celebrations, dinner parties and wedding receptions – Lily is passionate about your food.With years of experience, Lily knows how to combine dishes that offer clients an ideal menu to suit their culinary palate.

You choose – hot, spicy, sour or tangy, creamy and rich or aromatic and fruity.  The diverse range of dishes allows you to choose a menu to tantalise the taste buds of even the most cautious guest.  Lily’s tribe, the Dusun Lotud, come from the Tuaran area and they love a good drink with their meals.  Their tapai, or rice wine, is a speciality. 

Walking Wok is not just about Malaysian food, it is all about enjoying the complete gastronomic experience.  Lily would love to help you plan your event.