About Walking Wok

Head Chef – Lily Indra

Lily was born and brought up in the Sabah state of North Borneo and her interest in food since started when she was just 8 years’ old.  Her family are farmers, so she is well acquainted with sourcing raw food for her delicious meals and her cooking reflects the traditions of the multi-ethnic population of Malays, Chinese, Indians and Borneans around her, mingled with the influence of other indigenous people as well as influences from Thai, Portuguese, and British cuisines.


Cooking runs in the family – Lily’s elder sister had a flourishing restaurant in Malaysia where Lily worked as assistant chef cooking authentic Malaysian food. 

Lily brings authentic Malaysian cuisine to East Anglia and beyond, with passion and pride.


Hi Lily, A big THANK YOU. We had a lovely evening, great food and very nice table guests. Would you pass on my email address to Claire, as we would love to repeat the experience with them. It would be their choice of course. Geoff Morning Lily, Thank you so much to you and your team …